Adventures in Town

Adventures in Town:
We join our intrepid adventures in a Tavern / Inn in the bustling town of Laribus. You may recall that last week we left our party as they were about to sit down to a well deserved meal of soup – but the innkeeper apologized that he was out of soup and as he said this he was called by a female voice into the kitchen. Just as he left the room the villagers that were eating soup began to change into Werewolves! (they decided to change their order and not eat the soup)

The party, realizing that standing in the middle of a room filled with villagers changing into werewolves was not a good idea, armed themselves (Kelwin put on his mask) and moved to the North corner of the room near the entrance to the kitchen and the stairs leading up.

The werewolves realized that the party and unchanged townsfolk were better eating than soup so the werewolves attacked everyone. The townsfolk died horrible deaths. The most they had were soup spoons to defend themselves so what else could they do?

Filbert & Kelwin started attacking with sword and fists and found that only magic seemed to provide full damage all conventional weapons only caused half damage. Aria and Ophelia had better luck casting moonbeam and butterfly attacks. It was quickly determined that werewolves take exceptional damage from butterflies and moths. Aria’s Moonbeam was at a perfect blocking position outside the door to the kitchen so the party could safely enter the kitchen and Kelwin and Filbert could position themselves to block werewolf entry. Have I mentioned Rhogar yet? Someone said he was out back near the woodpile looking for a ram.

Fur flew, teeth bit, claws raked, swords gallantly cleaved and thrust, fists and foot landed repeated damage and magic prevailed to damage and turn the host of werewolves. Aria kept Filbert and Kelwin healed from the attacks and Ophelia sent swarms of butterflies from the pages of her spellbook into the maddening hoard.

Rhogar came in from the woodpile and joined the fight, and maybe he hit something. At one point he exclaimed aloud: “please tell me it feels good to hit something?” Although the woodpile was filled with large logs suitable for portable rams he came in without one. What was he doing out at the woodpile?

As the party fought the Inn started to burn from the common room. Perhaps because of the fire or the fury of the party the werewolves either died at the hands of the party or fled into the night.
Everyone received 1680 experience points. Everyone increased to lvl 5.

The party decided that a burning Inn was not a safe place to stay so they left for the town barracks.
They were met at the barracks by guards with long very pointy spears. Pointed at our party! Fortunately the captain of the Guard, Kangran recognized the party as the ones that had saved his life earlier when his guards turned into zombies. He particularly recognized Kelwin as the paladin that had saved one of his men from turning into a zombie by chopping off his head. Kelwin was a little surprised that he still had not said: “thank you for chopping off the head of my friend and fellow guardsman”. But perhaps this town has odd customs.

The captain of the guard insisted that the party relinquish all weapons and be locked in cells in the barracks overnight. Just in case you turn into zombies and or werewolves. After placing their arsenal on a table inside the barracks the party was lead to the cells in the back of the barracks. Ophelia was not inclined to be locked in a cell and took an obvious liking to the captain of the guard. She thought about how to gain his attention… she said she was going to cast a persuasion spell and in order to gain his attention she dropped all her clothes to the ground. The captain noticed. Kelwin thought better of the captain of the guard so perhaps this town had normal customs after all. Not sure if she actually cast a spell but it worked and the two of them went off to another part of the barracks together.

Filbert was not feeling well and Kelwin remembered that Filbert had been bitten during the earlier battle. Kelwin persuaded the guard to put Kelwin in the same cell as Filbert… and Kelwin did his “lay on hands” thing and cured Filbert of all wounds and disease. (again Kelwin saved the day and no extra points from the DM) Imagine if Filbert had been changed to a werewolf….

Halfling + werewolf = WereChihuahua? ChihuaWolf? Chi Were Hua?

Kelwin definitely saved the entire party from side splitting and fatal laughter.

The party rested for half the night and sounds of fighting and snarls and rending flesh could be heard. Filbert opened the locks when the guards ran to the fight and then as Filbert went to work on the other cells Kelwin ran to get the weapons. Kelwin ran into Kangran the Captain of the guard running toward the party with their weapons. Ophelia joined the party and everyone armed themselves as werewolves entered the barracks. Ophelia and Kangran shared a look… I don’t know… just a look perhaps it was a satisfied look … perhaps it was a you’re gonna get yours now look.

Author: Tim McDonald

I run the Grimm Tale Games website and I help to produce the content we release on the site each week. I was recently one of the grand prize winners in the 2016 One Page Dungeon Contest with my entry Griswald’s Shifting Dungeon. I have been tabletop gaming for countless years now and I have always wanted to contribute to the content that is generated for the genre. Speaking of which, I am also one of the lead designers for the Grimm Tale Games upcoming Kickstarter, the Codex of Creatures.