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Adventures in Town

Adventures in Town: We join our intrepid adventures in a Tavern / Inn in the bustling town of Laribus. You may recall that last week we left our party as they were about to sit down to a well deserved meal of soup – but the innkeeper apologized that he was out of soup and […]

Mask? What Mask?

When we last left our intrepid adventurers they were viciously and monstrously attacked by a small girl. The small girl had lured the adventurers into a dark burrow beneath a cliff under the misguided plea that her “Daddy had been taken by a monster”. There was a man being eaten by an Ankeg – which […]

Chapel at Night

A Chapel at Night Night falls as the party continues from last week. Rhogar excused himself from the Party briefly while he went into the nearby woods to conduct “Dragon Born business”. Kelwin asked Filbert: “What exactly is Dragon Born Business?” Filbert replied: “It is highly personal… something about trees and ram… or maybe pon […]

Finding the Shadow

Finding the Shadow: The party (Ophelia; Filbert; Aria; Rhogar; Kelwin (Erin)) was anxious for activity after spending a (virtual) long Winter in High Reach so decided to accompany Rhogar to Edinborough to assist in his two bounties: one the mysterious burning of a house on the main road the Fall before and the mysterious disappearances […]

Walk into the Lair of the Naga

Party members: Ophelia; Aria; Filbert; Rhogar; Kelwin and Erin When we last left our intrepid adventurers they had just opened a door to the Spirit Naga’s lair. Actually… Rhogar had seen the large Bronze doors at the end of the tile passage and kicked at the doors. The doors then (booby trapped) had exploded injuring […]

Encounter at the Bridge

Encounter at the Bridge: Dylan (works for the evil Baron?) ordered his foot men to charge across the bridge and his archers to continue their volleys of arrows. Filbert began playing his bagpipes: perhaps to instill fear into the opponents, perhaps to incite bravery into his companions, or maybe to cause an avalanche. As the […]

Encounter at a Tavern

An Encounter in a Tavern leads to an Encounter at a Bridge: After spending an uneventful night in the “Bad House” enroute to King’s Reach, the party discussed the advantages and disadvantages of burning down the house. Ophelia and Aria both wanted to burn down the house because of the potential for further ill will […]

Free Monster Day – The Flame Maiden

This week I wanted to release a new FREE monster for you all to enjoy. This is a more complete creature than the last one we released as it is the full page mock up for the creature. The artwork is currently just a demo and is only being used with this free version of […]