Free Fantasy Grounds 5e DM Tools

Well Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but I personally don’t believe in taking a day off when you could be sharing content. So I decided that I would whip up a little Fantasy Grounds random encounter table mod for D&D 5e to share with all of you. This will be the first D&D 5e Fantasy Grounds mod I release as part of my GM tools series. So keep checking back for more, you never know when I might post a new mod that will make running your game that much easier.

This mod will give you everything you need as a DM to run random forest encounters, from combat and terrain to role play, this table will randomize your groups adventure and give even the DM some fun surprises at the table.

Included in the mod is a brand new creature created by yours truly and given to all of you free along with the mod. The Calygreyhound, a mysterious dog like creature that can be a real pain for players when used correctly. If you want more information on the Calygreyhound, along with some backstory and possibly even combat tactics, I will be putting together that post later this week.

I should mention now that this is something that can only be used within Fantasy Grounds and though it can be used without, requires the official D&D 5e DMG for full functionality.

The mod file is within a rar file, just uzip it to your Fantasy Grounds mod folder and you are ready to go.

You can download the mod by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks to Nick Answulf for pointing out that I should add some screenshots for the mod. So ask and you shall receive.





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