Adventures in Town

Adventures in Town:
We join our intrepid adventures in a Tavern / Inn in the bustling town of Laribus. You may recall that last week we left our party as they were about to sit down to a well deserved meal of soup – but the innkeeper apologized that he was out of soup and as he said this he was called by a female voice into the kitchen. Just as he left the room the villagers that were eating soup began to change into Werewolves! (they decided to change their order and not eat the soup)

The party, realizing that standing in the middle of a room filled with villagers changing into werewolves was not a good idea, armed themselves (Kelwin put on his mask) and moved to the North corner of the room near the entrance to the kitchen and the stairs leading up.

The werewolves realized that the party and unchanged townsfolk were better eating than soup so the werewolves attacked everyone. The townsfolk died horrible deaths. The most they had were soup spoons to defend themselves so what else could they do?

Filbert & Kelwin started attacking with sword and fists and found that only magic seemed to provide full damage all conventional weapons only caused half damage. Aria and Ophelia had better luck casting moonbeam and butterfly attacks. It was quickly determined that werewolves take exceptional damage from butterflies and moths. Aria’s Moonbeam was at a perfect blocking position outside the door to the kitchen so the party could safely enter the kitchen and Kelwin and Filbert could position themselves to block werewolf entry. Have I mentioned Rhogar yet? Someone said he was out back near the woodpile looking for a ram.

Fur flew, teeth bit, claws raked, swords gallantly cleaved and thrust, fists and foot landed repeated damage and magic prevailed to damage and turn the host of werewolves. Aria kept Filbert and Kelwin healed from the attacks and Ophelia sent swarms of butterflies from the pages of her spellbook into the maddening hoard.

Rhogar came in from the woodpile and joined the fight, and maybe he hit something. At one point he exclaimed aloud: “please tell me it feels good to hit something?” Although the woodpile was filled with large logs suitable for portable rams he came in without one. What was he doing out at the woodpile?

As the party fought the Inn started to burn from the common room. Perhaps because of the fire or the fury of the party the werewolves either died at the hands of the party or fled into the night.
Everyone received 1680 experience points. Everyone increased to lvl 5.

The party decided that a burning Inn was not a safe place to stay so they left for the town barracks.
They were met at the barracks by guards with long very pointy spears. Pointed at our party! Fortunately the captain of the Guard, Kangran recognized the party as the ones that had saved his life earlier when his guards turned into zombies. He particularly recognized Kelwin as the paladin that had saved one of his men from turning into a zombie by chopping off his head. Kelwin was a little surprised that he still had not said: “thank you for chopping off the head of my friend and fellow guardsman”. But perhaps this town has odd customs.

The captain of the guard insisted that the party relinquish all weapons and be locked in cells in the barracks overnight. Just in case you turn into zombies and or werewolves. After placing their arsenal on a table inside the barracks the party was lead to the cells in the back of the barracks. Ophelia was not inclined to be locked in a cell and took an obvious liking to the captain of the guard. She thought about how to gain his attention… she said she was going to cast a persuasion spell and in order to gain his attention she dropped all her clothes to the ground. The captain noticed. Kelwin thought better of the captain of the guard so perhaps this town had normal customs after all. Not sure if she actually cast a spell but it worked and the two of them went off to another part of the barracks together.

Filbert was not feeling well and Kelwin remembered that Filbert had been bitten during the earlier battle. Kelwin persuaded the guard to put Kelwin in the same cell as Filbert… and Kelwin did his “lay on hands” thing and cured Filbert of all wounds and disease. (again Kelwin saved the day and no extra points from the DM) Imagine if Filbert had been changed to a werewolf….

Halfling + werewolf = WereChihuahua? ChihuaWolf? Chi Were Hua?

Kelwin definitely saved the entire party from side splitting and fatal laughter.

The party rested for half the night and sounds of fighting and snarls and rending flesh could be heard. Filbert opened the locks when the guards ran to the fight and then as Filbert went to work on the other cells Kelwin ran to get the weapons. Kelwin ran into Kangran the Captain of the guard running toward the party with their weapons. Ophelia joined the party and everyone armed themselves as werewolves entered the barracks. Ophelia and Kangran shared a look… I don’t know… just a look perhaps it was a satisfied look … perhaps it was a you’re gonna get yours now look.

Mask? What Mask?

When we last left our intrepid adventurers they were viciously and monstrously attacked by a small girl. The small girl had lured the adventurers into a dark burrow beneath a cliff under the misguided plea that her “Daddy had been taken by a monster”. There was a man being eaten by an Ankeg – which the party dispatched (we dispatched the Ankeg – the man was already dead) with a combination of swift attacks by a monk, deft sword play by the paladin, artful and effective sorcery by the druid and totally missed attempts by the dragon born.

Now the small girl came to look for her Daddy and saw what had happened and started crying. Aria, the compassionate, gave the small child a flower and picked her up. The small girl then attacked Aria with claws – did I forget to mention the small child had turned into a DOPPLEGANGER? It did….

Now the party is in hot battle against the Doppelganger: A hideous creature even more frightening than a small girl child crying.

What followed was a quick succession of: Filbert stabbing and kicking; Aria casting moonbeam; Kelwin thrusting his sword; and Ophelia casting the final blow that destroyed the beast. Did I mention that Rhogar was late to the party? Well the party searched the room and Kelwin cast detect magic. Under some debris Kelwin found a set of chain mail +1 and replaced his acid damaged splint mail. Ophelia asked Rhogar if he minded Kelwin taking the mail or the 45 gold piece lump of gold… hearing no objection Kelwin took the chainmail and gold and gave other finds: a healing potion and small amethyst, to Aria. The party also found 5 gold and 30 pieces of silver each.
The four party members each got 175 exp points. Nothing for Rhogar – did I mention that he came in late?

Rhogar joined the party and we all walked to Landover. Elan told the party that her grandfather Charlis was waiting for them in the Tavern – apparently he had been in the Tavern the entire Winter while the party was away. Have we mentioned that Elan spent the last adventure in a Tavern in High Reach? Apparently this excessive Tavern lingering is a family trait. I will also add that Tavern owners like the family so much they provide free lodging.
However, the party decided to visit a shop or two before visiting Charlis.

Kelwin sold his damaged splint mail for 50 gold and his scroll of magic missile for 50 gold. The large hunk of gold he sold for enough to give each party member 10 gold each. Aria sold her amethyst for 50 gold. Rhogar asked for a ram – the shop keeper directed him to a field outside of town where there are Rams and Ewes. “Whichever would provide him pleasure.” Shopkeepers in this part of Faerun all think they have a sense of humor. But everyone except Rhodgar laughed – some jokes don’t get old.

Now the party went to Charlis. After some discussion…
Charlis: “About time… Did you get the mask?”
Kelwin: “What mask?”
Charlis: “The mask I sent you for?”
Kelwin: “That was a long time ago, can you describe it?”
Charlis: “ it was like the other one you lost. I haven’t seen it. You went to get it.”
Kelwin: “Well if you haven’t seen it how do we know it is the one you sent us for? Perhaps we found another different mask.?”
Charlis: “So you have the mask…”
Kelwin: “Ok, you got me I have a mask. Now that that is settled, what is next?”
Charlis: “I sent you to get the mask for me!”
Kelwin: “Really? I don’t remember that part.”
Elan: “Grandfather perhaps they should keep the mask as it could help them find the others.”
Kelwin: “Yeah, what she said…”
Charlis: “oh, Did you put it on? if you put it on, it has probably already bonded to you. Keep it … FOR NOW!”
Kelwin: “Keep it…right. No problem.”
Charlis: “I have a small errand for you… more of a research trip … a simple delivery. Go to the Port City of Laribus and see the Sage Pharaoh. Give him this small scroll – I have sealed it so very bad shit will happen to anyone that tries to open it except him.”

There followed a lengthy discussion on fees and payment and expenses. Charlis agreed to give the party 2,500 gold for the trip. Then changed it to 2,500 in expense money that Elan would hold. Then it changed to 100 gold per person per week , plus expenses while the 2,500 gold lasted. Charlis then agreed to send the party to Laribus by a transport spell. While he was preparing the spell Ophelia offered to cast a charm spell on Charlis to get more favorable terms. The party convinced her not to try to charm a high level wizard. Terms like: “poke a sleeping bear”, “play with a hornet’s nest”, “get between Rhogar and a ram”, and other adverse situations were mentioned. Ophelia changed her mind.

The party appeared in Laribus at a Temple. That is the good news they avoided a 5 day walk or a 2 ½ day horse ride. The bad news is that they arrived in the middle of a plague that turns the citizens into zombies. Ugh.
The party asked for the Sage Pharaoh and was directed to his house. While walking through town a man dies at a market. Kelwin couldn’t help by laying on hands.

The party reached a burned out house and a guard told them it was the Sage Pharaoh’s. Bummer. He had died 2 days earlier and the good citizens were so distraught they burned down his house, strange customs in this town. While pondering the fate of the town and Pharaoh the party heard screams from around the corner. (no they can’t leave without investigating) – You guessed it a battle with zombies started and the guards that got there first (and died) started turning into zombies. Bad for them and double bad for us. Do you have any idea how hard it is to kill something that is already dead? Mathematically a negative plus a negative equals a positive… So if you kill a dead does it become alive? Answer: no just more dead and very messy.

So two zombies became 4 zombies and the party killed them all. One guard that was killed by a zombie next to Kelwin was beheaded by Kelwin – the guard that is. Hey you never know… but the headless dead guard didn’t turn into a zombie so the dead that stayed dead was a good thing?

Rhogar was bitten by a zombie so Kelwin did the lay on hands thingy. Nothing happened but Rhogar also didn’t turn into a zombie. Kelwin also held his sword in two hands behind Rhogar (and rolled a crit) as he turned around… like the dead guard… like I said … you never know. But nothing happened so Kelwin put away his sword before Rhogar saw it.

As the party started to search the dead zombie guards the captain of the guard stopped them… after all they were his men… once. Everyone got 320 exp points.

Rhogar suggested that Elan open the scroll. Elan refused. Rhogar said some very nasty things about Elan that made her cry. Elan suggested that the party go to a tavern for a few days to wait for her grandfather to summon them back – what a surprise.

The town imposed a curfew and Elan went to a house of healing to help with the plague. A Guard came to see the party and explained that something horrible happened to Elan. Rhogar asked if there was a purse with lots of gold where Elan went missing. No gold was found.

The party went to look and found lots of blood and some small human footprints and drag marks. The Captain of Guards told the party that other priests have been attacked in a similar manner. It is night and the curfew is in effect so the party went back to the tavern. The innkeeper told them there was no more soup but wait a bit for food. Someone (a woman) called the innkeeper into the kitchen. As soon as he leaves the 25 plus patrons of the Inn start choking on their soup and turning into werewolves. Good thing they were out of soup. The party moves to the stairs, Kelwin puts on his mask, and about 25 werewolves are in the first floor Inn common room. Damn Innkeeper and that woman in the kitchen. ZAGAT’s guide is not going to give them a good rating after this….

Chapel at Night

A Chapel at Night
Night falls as the party continues from last week. Rhogar excused himself from the Party briefly while he went into the nearby woods to conduct “Dragon Born business”. Kelwin asked Filbert: “What exactly is Dragon Born Business?” Filbert replied: “It is highly personal… something about trees and ram… or maybe pon farr with trees… you would have to ask Rhogar… you know how he keeps asking about ‘rams’ and the shopkeepers direct him to trees… well they know Dragon Born ritual mating things and trees… so you know… listen to the shopkeepers laugh when Rhogar asks about rams… you will understand.”

The party continued without Rhogar.

Party members: Filbert (the wandering Monk), Aria (the Moonchild), Kelwin (the Vengeful, the Mask Wielder, the so-not-Paranoid), Rhogar (the Dragon Born Bounty Hunter) and Elan (the stayed at the Tavern back in town to flirt with the Guards)

Night began to fall and the party allowed Jonathan the old Priest to lock Jeremy the young monk into the cell with the steel door in the basement. The old priest left the party in the main room of the chapel while he went to his own room in the back for the night. Filbert climbed to the roof through the broken hole to keep watch. Kelwin stayed in the main room with Aria near the lit candle on the table.

As the moon came up the party could hear sounds of struggling and banging from the basement cell. As the moon came fully up there was a loud “BANG” from the rear of the chapel. Filbert came down from the roof. Kelwin investigated the door leading to the Priest’s chambers. From all indications the old Priest had turned to a WereWolf and was in the room in the southeast corner of the Chapel. Filbert went to the Western Door and Kelwin went to the Eastern Door. Filbert had already cast a spell to allow him to see in low light and Kelwin could already see in the dark. Filbert confronted the Werewolf at the western door and attacked with stabs and kicks. Kelwin thought that he could cure the beast by laying on hands but that did nothing. Aria came in behind Kelwin with the candle and cast moonbeam. Filbert was bitten by the beast in the battle but the beast was killed and turned back into the old naked Priest with a key around his neck. Kelwin took the key. Kelwin lay on hands and cured Filbert of any possible disease from the were bite. (Can a Paladin cure “Were Wolf” infections?)

Aria searched the chapel and found some candles and 180 silver pieces. The party rested outside the chapel for the rest of the night and released Jeremy in the morning. Jeremy was surprised that the old Priest was a werewolf but he had been locked up every full moon for the past 5 years so he was certain he was not the beast that terrorized the town. Also he was certain that he had only injured the Old Priest about 3 months ago and the attacks in the village had started after that so everyone surmised that Jonathan the old Priest was the one killing the village people (perhaps even the ones at the YMCA – Kelwin thought he heard singing “Y…M…C…A…” in his ears so he took off the mask). Rhogar came back to the party while Jeremy was telling his story. Kelwin attempted to cure Jeremy with lay on hands but then cast detect disease and poison and both he and the dead Priest still showed evidence of lycanthrope infection. After much discussion on what to do with Jeremy (including cutting off his head) the party decided to lock him up for another night and take him to town in the morning to tell his tale to the village. Except for the part about Jeremy still being a werewolf. This way Rhogar would still get his bounty for killing the dead Priest… wait a minute – he wasn’t there? He was off in the trees doing Dragon Born things…. But we went back to town. Rhogar went to town alone the day before to ask about the house that mysteriously burned. He found that the House was owned by a husband and wife with three children. It was also occupied by the husband’s sister in law (the wife’s sister) and her child. They seemed normal and they owned a small plot of land to the south of town for farming. The only thing anyone remembered was a hooded Priest that wandered through the area before the house burned.

Rhogar told the Sergeant of the Guard the story of the dead Priest. Jeremy started to recant his story and act evasive but members of the party reminded him that a simple and painful blood test could prove that he was the only lycanthrope in the area. Jeremy remembered the details and Rhogar received his bounty of 50 gold pieces. The party decided to stay the night in the village and start toward that other city where they started the next day. Aria was able to buy some supplies for potion making from the village wives. She also went to the village store to see about the value of her necklace. The Shopkeeper initially told her: “this is way too valuable a piece for me to buy… but I can give you 50 gold for it.” Kelwin stepped in and asked him how much it would be worth if he could buy it… and persuaded the shopkeeper to provide an honest estimate. The shopkeeper said it was worth over 150 gold. Aria decided to wait for a larger town. Aria bought empty vials & Kelwin bought a hammer and rations. Rhogar asked if the shopkeeper had a ram. The shopkeeper laughed and said: “we have lots of trees”. Everyone laughed. The party members found Elan in the Tavern where they had left her a couple days before. She had made many friends among the younger male town guards and the tavern keeper. Aria made a comment about her friendliness & purity (or lack thereof). The Tavern keeper offered to let the party spend the night in his tavern for free (as long as Elan stayed another night)

The party set out for the larger city in the morning.
Two days of travel later they came upon a crying child on the side of the road. The child said her daddy had been carried off by a beast. The party investigated and found a burrow in the side of a cliff. They followed. Kelwin put on his mask. In a larger space in the burrow the party came upon an Ankeg eating “daddy”. Although they we disinclined to interrupt the Ankeg’s lunch they attacked the beast … during the battle both Kelwin and Filbert were struck by acid and Kelwin’s armor lost 1 AC from the acid. Both Kelwin and Filbert received acid burns. Kelwin cast Divine Smite and hit the beast with radiant damage. Aria cured Filbert. Filbert hit the beast and Aria cast moonbeam. Filbert dealt the final blow. Rhogar missed.

The party gained 300 exp each for the WereWolf and 300 each for killing the Ankeg. The wisdom of the DM did not award any individual exp points this night.

Immediately upon the death of the Ankeg, the small child came to Aria and cried “my daddy” … Aria in a compassionate gesture picked up the child to comfort it. It turned into a hideous gray creature (doppelganger) with claws that attacked Aria while she clutched it. It injured her for 15 damage.

Author’s note: in case anyone is interested… the images I use are from the British Museum’s collection. I find what I think fits and crop them for application. The artists have been dead for a few hundred years so I hope they do not mind.