Chapel at Night

A Chapel at Night
Night falls as the party continues from last week. Rhogar excused himself from the Party briefly while he went into the nearby woods to conduct “Dragon Born business”. Kelwin asked Filbert: “What exactly is Dragon Born Business?” Filbert replied: “It is highly personal… something about trees and ram… or maybe pon farr with trees… you would have to ask Rhogar… you know how he keeps asking about ‘rams’ and the shopkeepers direct him to trees… well they know Dragon Born ritual mating things and trees… so you know… listen to the shopkeepers laugh when Rhogar asks about rams… you will understand.”

The party continued without Rhogar.

Party members: Filbert (the wandering Monk), Aria (the Moonchild), Kelwin (the Vengeful, the Mask Wielder, the so-not-Paranoid), Rhogar (the Dragon Born Bounty Hunter) and Elan (the stayed at the Tavern back in town to flirt with the Guards)

Night began to fall and the party allowed Jonathan the old Priest to lock Jeremy the young monk into the cell with the steel door in the basement. The old priest left the party in the main room of the chapel while he went to his own room in the back for the night. Filbert climbed to the roof through the broken hole to keep watch. Kelwin stayed in the main room with Aria near the lit candle on the table.

As the moon came up the party could hear sounds of struggling and banging from the basement cell. As the moon came fully up there was a loud “BANG” from the rear of the chapel. Filbert came down from the roof. Kelwin investigated the door leading to the Priest’s chambers. From all indications the old Priest had turned to a WereWolf and was in the room in the southeast corner of the Chapel. Filbert went to the Western Door and Kelwin went to the Eastern Door. Filbert had already cast a spell to allow him to see in low light and Kelwin could already see in the dark. Filbert confronted the Werewolf at the western door and attacked with stabs and kicks. Kelwin thought that he could cure the beast by laying on hands but that did nothing. Aria came in behind Kelwin with the candle and cast moonbeam. Filbert was bitten by the beast in the battle but the beast was killed and turned back into the old naked Priest with a key around his neck. Kelwin took the key. Kelwin lay on hands and cured Filbert of any possible disease from the were bite. (Can a Paladin cure “Were Wolf” infections?)

Aria searched the chapel and found some candles and 180 silver pieces. The party rested outside the chapel for the rest of the night and released Jeremy in the morning. Jeremy was surprised that the old Priest was a werewolf but he had been locked up every full moon for the past 5 years so he was certain he was not the beast that terrorized the town. Also he was certain that he had only injured the Old Priest about 3 months ago and the attacks in the village had started after that so everyone surmised that Jonathan the old Priest was the one killing the village people (perhaps even the ones at the YMCA – Kelwin thought he heard singing “Y…M…C…A…” in his ears so he took off the mask). Rhogar came back to the party while Jeremy was telling his story. Kelwin attempted to cure Jeremy with lay on hands but then cast detect disease and poison and both he and the dead Priest still showed evidence of lycanthrope infection. After much discussion on what to do with Jeremy (including cutting off his head) the party decided to lock him up for another night and take him to town in the morning to tell his tale to the village. Except for the part about Jeremy still being a werewolf. This way Rhogar would still get his bounty for killing the dead Priest… wait a minute – he wasn’t there? He was off in the trees doing Dragon Born things…. But we went back to town. Rhogar went to town alone the day before to ask about the house that mysteriously burned. He found that the House was owned by a husband and wife with three children. It was also occupied by the husband’s sister in law (the wife’s sister) and her child. They seemed normal and they owned a small plot of land to the south of town for farming. The only thing anyone remembered was a hooded Priest that wandered through the area before the house burned.

Rhogar told the Sergeant of the Guard the story of the dead Priest. Jeremy started to recant his story and act evasive but members of the party reminded him that a simple and painful blood test could prove that he was the only lycanthrope in the area. Jeremy remembered the details and Rhogar received his bounty of 50 gold pieces. The party decided to stay the night in the village and start toward that other city where they started the next day. Aria was able to buy some supplies for potion making from the village wives. She also went to the village store to see about the value of her necklace. The Shopkeeper initially told her: “this is way too valuable a piece for me to buy… but I can give you 50 gold for it.” Kelwin stepped in and asked him how much it would be worth if he could buy it… and persuaded the shopkeeper to provide an honest estimate. The shopkeeper said it was worth over 150 gold. Aria decided to wait for a larger town. Aria bought empty vials & Kelwin bought a hammer and rations. Rhogar asked if the shopkeeper had a ram. The shopkeeper laughed and said: “we have lots of trees”. Everyone laughed. The party members found Elan in the Tavern where they had left her a couple days before. She had made many friends among the younger male town guards and the tavern keeper. Aria made a comment about her friendliness & purity (or lack thereof). The Tavern keeper offered to let the party spend the night in his tavern for free (as long as Elan stayed another night)

The party set out for the larger city in the morning.
Two days of travel later they came upon a crying child on the side of the road. The child said her daddy had been carried off by a beast. The party investigated and found a burrow in the side of a cliff. They followed. Kelwin put on his mask. In a larger space in the burrow the party came upon an Ankeg eating “daddy”. Although they we disinclined to interrupt the Ankeg’s lunch they attacked the beast … during the battle both Kelwin and Filbert were struck by acid and Kelwin’s armor lost 1 AC from the acid. Both Kelwin and Filbert received acid burns. Kelwin cast Divine Smite and hit the beast with radiant damage. Aria cured Filbert. Filbert hit the beast and Aria cast moonbeam. Filbert dealt the final blow. Rhogar missed.

The party gained 300 exp each for the WereWolf and 300 each for killing the Ankeg. The wisdom of the DM did not award any individual exp points this night.

Immediately upon the death of the Ankeg, the small child came to Aria and cried “my daddy” … Aria in a compassionate gesture picked up the child to comfort it. It turned into a hideous gray creature (doppelganger) with claws that attacked Aria while she clutched it. It injured her for 15 damage.

Author’s note: in case anyone is interested… the images I use are from the British Museum’s collection. I find what I think fits and crop them for application. The artists have been dead for a few hundred years so I hope they do not mind.

Author: Tim McDonald

I run the Grimm Tale Games website and I help to produce the content we release on the site each week. I was recently one of the grand prize winners in the 2016 One Page Dungeon Contest with my entry Griswald’s Shifting Dungeon. I have been tabletop gaming for countless years now and I have always wanted to contribute to the content that is generated for the genre. Speaking of which, I am also one of the lead designers for the Grimm Tale Games upcoming Kickstarter, the Codex of Creatures.