Welcome to Grimm Tale Games

Grimm Tale Games is a tabletop RPG gaming resources company with a specific focus on Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e). We want to offer tabletop gamers unique and original content to add to their adventuring worlds. We have multiple projects in the works currently, but the main project we are working on, is the Codex of Creatures.

The Codex of Creatures will be an all new monster manual that will add at least 100 new monsters to your arsenal of creatures to throw at players. We plan on launching the Kickstarter campaign for this book in the coming months. We will begin to post updates to the blog as the launch time approaches.

We will also be providing some free resources on the blog shortly, just another reason to keep coming back to
Grimm Tale Games.

Finding the Shadow

Finding the Shadow: The party (Ophelia; Filbert; Aria; Rhogar; Kelwin (Erin)) was anxious for activity after spending a (virtual) long Winter in High Reach so decided to accompany Rhogar to Edinborough to assist in his two bounties: one the mysterious burning of a house on the main road the Fall before and the mysterious disappearances […]

Walk into the Lair of the Naga

Party members: Ophelia; Aria; Filbert; Rhogar; Kelwin and Erin When we last left our intrepid adventurers they had just opened a door to the Spirit Naga’s lair. Actually… Rhogar had seen the large Bronze doors at the end of the tile passage and kicked at the doors. The doors then (booby trapped) had exploded injuring […]

Encounter at the Bridge

Encounter at the Bridge: Dylan (works for the evil Baron?) ordered his foot men to charge across the bridge and his archers to continue their volleys of arrows. Filbert began playing his bagpipes: perhaps to instill fear into the opponents, perhaps to incite bravery into his companions, or maybe to cause an avalanche. As the […]