Welcome to Grimm Tale Games

Grimm Tale Games is a tabletop RPG gaming resources company with a specific focus on Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e). We want to offer tabletop gamers unique and original content to add to their adventuring worlds. We have multiple projects in the works currently, but the main project we are working on, is the Codex of Creatures.

The Codex of Creatures will be an all new monster manual that will add at least 100 new monsters to your arsenal of creatures to throw at players. We plan on launching the Kickstarter campaign for this book in the coming months. We will begin to post updates to the blog as the launch time approaches.

We will also be providing some free resources on the blog shortly, just another reason to keep coming back to
Grimm Tale Games.

Adventures in Town

Adventures in Town: We join our intrepid adventures in a Tavern / Inn in the bustling town of Laribus. You may recall that last week we left our party as they were about to sit down to a well deserved meal of soup – but the innkeeper apologized that he was out of soup and […]

Mask? What Mask?

When we last left our intrepid adventurers they were viciously and monstrously attacked by a small girl. The small girl had lured the adventurers into a dark burrow beneath a cliff under the misguided plea that her “Daddy had been taken by a monster”. There was a man being eaten by an Ankeg – which […]

Chapel at Night

A Chapel at Night Night falls as the party continues from last week. Rhogar excused himself from the Party briefly while he went into the nearby woods to conduct “Dragon Born business”. Kelwin asked Filbert: “What exactly is Dragon Born Business?” Filbert replied: “It is highly personal… something about trees and ram… or maybe pon […]